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mini groove

Studio CC

The CC studio designed Mini Groove in 2014, expanding the Ceccotti Collezioni range of mirrors and accessories. Triangle, rectangle, trapezium, octagon, oval: the mirror is designed in various different shapes which can be customised with a series of sophisticated finishes. Used on its own or together with others, Mini Groove creates really striking compositions.


Mini Groove 1
Mini Groove 2
Mini Groove 3
Mini Groove 4
Mini Groove 5


American walnut

American walnut dark

American walnut moka

American walnut brown

American walnut natural shellac

American walnut dark shellac

American walnut Iris oil

American walnut black oil


Studio CC

To have a more complete offer, Ceccotti Collezioni in 2000 created an internal department, that is able to designing closely with the craftsmen. Thanks to this the company can answer quickly to market demands continuing to create luxury craft products.

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