in accordance with the life cycle of trees

The green soul of Ceccotti Collezioni

Ceccotti Collezioni has always combined the excellence and quality of its products with environmental sustainability. If you have been lucky enough to receive from nature and to masterly mould such a valuable gift as wood, then you can’t help taking care of the environment it comes from.

That’s why every single step of the manufacturing process has been redefined with an ethical, environmentally-friendly approach, in the attempt to minimise its waste and environmental impact: from the energy sources to the packaging, including supplier election and the optimisation of the entire manufacturing processes.

Recycling and reforestation

Ceccotti Collezioni conveys the uniqueness of its products in the use of materials and the skills of every single person, and it does it with the environment in mind, by taking care of every single step in the manufacturing process.

The wood it uses for its furniture comes from plantations that are responsibly managed, based on the natural lifecycle of the trees. This means that, every time the wood is cut, new trees are planted to assist with recycling and reforestation.

As to the glues used to assemble the parts together, Ceccotti Collezioni has opted for a low-impact solution: it only uses non-toxic formaldehyde-free vinyl glues.

Supplier selection and certification

Suppliers are chosen after a thorough selection of those companies that can provide high quality standards and also have the strictest environmental certifications.

90% of the wood comes from plantations located in the USA that are managed in accordance with forest management certifications, such as SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Energy and environmental sustainability

Ceccotti Collezioni’s care for environmental sustainability continues in the energy management of the entire plant. The company has developed a virtuous recycling system whereby the waste from the wood-processing cycle is retrieved, processed into pellet and reused to produce heat.

Still in the name of sustainability, Ceccotti Collezioni has also decided to make a substantial investment by covering the roof of the plant with solar panels and installing a modern energy-saving LED lighting system.

Through such efforts, the company has markedly reduced its environmental impact and has achieved energy self-sufficiency from clean, renewable energy sources.