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DUO | Screen - Ceccotti Collezioni

DUO | Screen

Roberto Lazzeroni

The DUO screen consists of 3, 4 or 5 modules with a height of 180 cm, a solid ash wood frame in various finishes and a hollow-core panel. The screen is fully customizable: it is possible to select for the modules either a wallpaper or, upon request, fabric or leather. In addition, the modules can have the two sides with...


DUO screen 3 modules
DUO screen 4 modules
DUO screen 5 modules


Ash moka Poltrona Frau

Ash wengè Poltrona Frau

24500A Stone

24501A Eggshell

24503A Sand

24508A Straw

24510A Aged Cedar

24517A Linen

24518A Pebble gray

27000A Mushroom

27001A Blossom

27004A Lava

27007A Honey

27011A Silver Pine

27013A Sandstone

27015A Mocha


Roberto Lazzeroni

Roberto Lazzeroni, born in Pisa, began his professional life with the study of art and architecture in Florence and the interests he developed during his training, in particular in the conceptual art and radical design movements. In the early 1980s, Lazzeroni made his professional debut with a series of important works in the field of “interior architecture” that immediately attracted attention and were published in Italian and foreign periodicals.

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