elegance, value, quality: wood, according to Ceccotti Collezioni

With its sophisticated tactile and visual expressiveness, and thanks to its performance potential in terms of reliability, flexibility and versatility, wood is the field of exploration and research of designers and architects who have historical links to Ceccotti Collezioni.

The timber undergoes a long drying process through various steps to arrive at the final required standard. Once the wooden planks arrive at the company, they rest for a further three years before being used in production.

The wooden planks have a greater thickness than conventional standards. Indeed, they are cut specifically for Ceccotti Collezioni designs only.

A unique material in a variety of woods

The type of timber is chosen on each occasion according to specific aesthetic and technical performance.

We mainly use American walnut and ash boards: these species shape the structures and architectures of furnishing accessories where form and function are combined.

American walnut, resistant to warping and easy to work with, also offers the beauty of its grain as a decorative element. An expressive force accentuated by four shades: natural, dark, moka or brown.

In addition to solid wood, Ceccotti Collezioni uses Italian poplar plywood of various thicknesses both in the interiors and in the supporting structures of the seats, upholstery or containers (plywood developed by Italian companies that use certified national poplar).

The variety of wood types matches a colour scale that emphasises the refinement of material details. The possibility of combining wood with other materials responds to the need for a lifestyle that can be customised in any environment, according to the taste of customers who seek individuality.

The warm colour palette of American walnut, which dominates in the structures, can be contrasted with the soft finishes of other woods, such as maple, which is also solid and has a uniform texture applied in the internal sections.

These combinations demonstrate Ceccotti Collezioni’s attention to technical and aesthetic detail: the light texture of the ash comes in a range of colours, from lighter shades to black, multiplying the options for customizing each product.

The most traditional cabinet-making techniques and the love for wood on the one hand and working with architects on the other allow Ceccotti Collezioni to explore all the expressive power of this material.

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