The 2020 collection | Studio Draw

Mattia Albicini and Luca Martorano from studio DRAW presents the Odile coffee tables, the Odette console, and the Oblique sideboards, cabinet and chest of drawers.

The Odile coffee tables and the Odette console are the perfect example of the combination among craftmanship belonging to the great Tuscan cabinet-making tradition and contemporary design  . Inspired by the two leading characters of the “Swan Lake” ballet, the black and the white swan, they embody two opposites but complementary identities that share the same elegance and dainty lines. Mattia Albicini and Luca Martorano of Studio DRAW conjured up pure surfaces, square and rectangular shelves in glass or marble. The virtuoso skills are all focussed in the bottom, in the rounded lines and the mild inclines of the slim legs in solid wood that meet in the central feature, acting as a support as well as a decoration.

Sideboards, cabinet and chest of drawers Oblique balance the minimal design with the variety and beauty of the coatings. Structure and base are in solid American walnut, instead the top is in  marble, wood or colored glass. Doors, side panels and drawer fronts are in walnut, rosewood, ebony, leather or lacquered, with handles in brass to beat the succession of elements.

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