spine chair - Ceccotti Collezioni

spine chair

André Dubreuil

Chair with structure in iron rod 10 mm. diameter, seat made in 10 mm. Flat iron strips, colours available: white, orange, light blue, black, gold-leaf, silver-leaf.



NCS S0300N

NCS S0580Y60R

NCS S4040B

NCS S9000N




André Dubreuil

Andre Dubreuil was born in Lyon in 1951. After his schooling and various courses with antique dealers, he travelled to England and worked there as an expatriate for some fifteen years, He first focused his attention on the iron bar, which he bent and transformed into all kinds of forms. This material resulted in chairs, wall lamps and chandeliers. he then took a different direction, exploring materials like copper, enamel, steel and glass beads for decorating mirrors.

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