lia - Ceccotti Collezioni


Todd Bracher

The linear simplicity of Todd Bracher’s minimalist designs is perfectly embodied by Lia, created in 2012. In burnished or brushed brass with tubular structure, it emits light with an extremely delicate touch. It comes in floor and table versions, both of which with LED light. Lia fully embodies the qualitative excellence of Ceccotti Collezioni, evident in its close attention to...


Lia table lamp
Lia floor lamp


Brushed brass

Burnished brass


Todd Bracher

Native New Yorker Todd Bracher, founder of Todd Bracher Studio LLC, is a Designer and Strategist currently based in New York City after a decade working in Copenhagen, Milan, Paris and London. Todd has collaborated with some of the most prestigious brands around the world from Furniture and Object Design to Interiors and Architecture.

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