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Full | Bedside table

Roberto Lazzeroni

Designed by Roberto Lazzeroni in 2017, this bedside table shares the design philosophy of the Full range for the daytime. The frame and base are made from solid American walnut, while the drawer fronts and side panels are enhanced with the addition of ebony, fabric, or leather, or are lacquered. The range of customisation options is further extended by the...


Full bedside table small
Full bedside table large


American walnut

American walnut dark

American walnut moka

American walnut brown







Verde Mediterraneo


NCS S8010R90B

NCS S3502Y

NCS S5040Y80R

NCS S3005Y50R

NCS S4005G20Y

NCS S7010G10Y

NCS S5040Y80R

NCS S3502Y

NCS S2010R

NCS S3030Y10R

NCS S6010R90B

NCS S8010R90B

NCS S3005Y50R

SC 06 Calicot

SC 23 Tortora

SC 32 Caolino

SC 51 Panna

SC 31 Quarzo Fumè

SC 34 Maggese

SC 26 Topo

SC 20 Inchiostro

SC 21 Amianto

SC 53 Creta

SC 55 Camel Hair

SC 52 Daino

SC 66 India

SC 59 Noce di Pecan

SC 80 Bruno Havana

SC 29 Ardesia

SC 148 Lacca

SC 146 Coccio Pesto

SC 173 Glauco

SC 177 Limo

SC 178 Alpi

SC 254 Steel Blue

SC 278 Atlantic Blue

SC 279 Alchemy

SC 133 Paglierino


Roberto Lazzeroni

Roberto Lazzeroni, born in Pisa, began his professional life with the study of art and architecture in Florence and the interests he developed during his training, in particular in the conceptual art and radical design movements. In the early 1980s, Lazzeroni made his professional debut with a series of important works in the field of “interior architecture” that immediately attracted attention and were published in Italian and foreign periodicals.

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