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DC bed

Vincenzo De Cotiis

DC Bed was the creative brainchild of designer Vincenzo De Cotiis in 2008. A bed with clean lines that conveys a sense of order and harmony. The inspiration comes from traditional Japanese futons, reinterpreted with a contemporary twist. The headboard and the large bed frame, in solid wood, are padded with non-deformable differentiated-density polyurethane foam. Both are then covered with...


DC bed
DC bed brass


Brushed brass

Burnished brass

SC 06 Calicot

SC 23 Tortora

SC 32 Caolino

SC 51 Panna

SC 31 Quarzo Fumè

SC 34 Maggese

SC 26 Topo

SC 20 Inchiostro

SC 21 Amianto

SC 53 Creta

SC 55 Camel Hair

SC 52 Daino

SC 66 India

SC 59 Noce di Pecan

SC 80 Bruno Havana

SC 29 Ardesia

SC 148 Lacca

SC 146 Coccio Pesto

SC 173 Glauco

SC 177 Limo

SC 178 Alpi

SC 254 Steel Blue

SC 278 Atlantic Blue

SC 279 Alchemy

SC 133 Paglierino

201 Testa di moro

202 Antracite

204 Fango

Black Pepper

Clary Sage


Deep Lavender

Grey Salt







Vincenzo De Cotiis

Vincenzo De Cotiis was born in 1958 in Gonzaga, Italy. He studied architecture at the Milan Politecnico and founded his studio and gallery in 1997. The beauty of the patina generated by time is the leitmotiv that is reflected both in his architectural and interior designs of residential and commercial projects throughout the world. A research that is based on a contemporary appropriation of recycled materials, often marked by time and wear, and reinterpreted through the integration of new and precious materials.

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