Masters Tribute | Stellage 52 design Gabetti & Isola, Raineri

Ceccotti Collezioni is offering a new unpublished version of the Stellage 52 small armchair, designed by Gabetti & Isola, Raineri in 1952 for the new Turin Stock Exchange project.

Stellage 52 is back in production for the first time since its creation seventy years ago, and is part of the new line Masters Tribute by Ceccotti Collezoni, dedicated to the great masters of the past.

The small armchair stands out for its timeless, clean and defined design, that make it unique. The structure seems to be an architecture for its organic profile, but at the same time it has sinuous and harmonious shapes.

The unpublished project of the small armchair came from an idea and initiative of Lodovico Gabetti and Fabrizio Pellegrino, who are already active in the re-edition of Gabetti & Isola furniture with the Gabab studio in Turin. The collaboration was born from a meeting with Franco Ceccotti – art director of Ceccotti Collezioni – and has allowed the production and marketing of the Stellage 52.

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