everything comes from an exclusive selection

The fabrics

The Ceccotti Collezioni fabric catalogue arose from collaboration with selected Italian and international textile manufacturers. An expression of the company’s search for quality, they offer comfort and decoration, harmoniously combining with all other materials, including wood.
A truly unique selection of fabrics, available in sophisticated textures and a wide range of colours that enhance and valorise each project and allow you to personalise your furniture to suit your own style.


Ceccotti Collezioni’s vocation for luxury craftsmanship is also expressed through its combination with the materiality and sensuality of leather, used for exterior and interior surfaces and to embellish the smallest details.
A unique and precious material that enables the creation of extraordinary tactile and visual experiences, interacting harmoniously with the soft lines of design ‘sculpted’ in solid wood.
Ceccotti Collezioni has perfectly combined and integrated its design with leather, Poltrona Frau’s primary material. A material that naturally combines with the Tuscan company’s conception of elegance.


Glass is used in many different creations. This material comes in different types: tempered, up to five times stronger than regular glass; Visarm, that is, double glazing with inner film, and single glazing.
Available in different finishes: transparent, bronzed and smoked, and decorated with traditional craftsmanship processes performed with great care.


To convey its exclusivity, Ceccotti Collections studies, develops and, in many cases, produces hardware in its workshop. The workshop uses steel, iron, and brass. Metals can be essential elements of furniture and furnishing accessories or integrated into solid wood structures in a perfect fusion of elegance, style and lightness. They are transformed with great attention to detail using specific finishing and painting processes, blending harmoniously into the design.
For example, the procedure for burnishing brass is done entirely manually. Different types of thicknesses and selections are used. Brass can vary in composition and have different percentages of manganese, iron, aluminium, silicon, etc. Therefore the burnishing will have different shades of colour despite undergoing the same treatment.

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