Ceccotti Collezioni presents T-Bone Limited Edition

Ceccotti Collezioni in occasion of the Design Week presents a 25-piece limited edition of the T-Bone designed by Jaime Hayon, made in shellacked mahogany and upholstered in original fabrics designed by Livio De Simone.

The T-Bone limited-edition armchair will be signed and numbered, with a special silver plaque.
Shellacked mahogany will only be used in this special version: a precious finish that takes hours of work (up to 8 coats) to reach the perfect shine, evenness and purity. It is a wood and a finish (largely used in shipbuilding but less so in design) that Ceccotti Collezioni uses only for a few special pieces and that felt perfect for such an exceptional star, the limited-edition T-Bone. The upholsteries, designed by Livio De Simone, are hand-painted cotton and go perfectly well with the shellacked mahogany frame of the chair.

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