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everything forever

Roberto Lazzeroni

"Everything Forever", designed in 1997 by designer Roberto Lazzeroni, is a sideboard that is developed on the path of a reinterpretation of the madia, an ancient Tuscan sideboard. The name ironically suggests that it can hold any object forever. Once again, Ceccotti Collezioni relates a story of unique and complex design: the top, whose frame is interrupted at the front,...



American walnut

American walnut dark

American walnut moka

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Roberto Lazzeroni

Roberto Lazzeroni, born in Pisa, began his professional life with the study of art and architecture in Florence and the interests he developed during his training, in particular in the conceptual art and radical design movements. In the early 1980s, Lazzeroni made his professional debut with a series of important works in the field of “interior architecture” that immediately attracted attention and were published in Italian and foreign periodicals.

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